World Nutella Day, The Dark Side

First, I'd like to thank Sara at MsAdventures in Italy, Michelle at Bleeding Espresso and Arlene at NY/Caribbean Ragazza for reminding that today is World Nutella Day.  Then I would like to reiterate that I don't like nutella.   Perhaps if I had been introduced to Nutella at a young age, I would be love be like The Professor, mini-e and Baby X who go crazy just seeing a jar.  But thanks to my hippy mom who doesn't believe in anything made in a factory, I never appreciated, let alone tasted Nutella until I was an adult, and I only like it one way.     But now that I traipse around Mommyville, I have found a second reason to like Nutella-- the kitsch Jedi mind tricks that bring us to the dark side . .  . of  Nutella loving.

1.  Spalmabile (spreadable):  Nutella spreads on anything.  And anytime one can use the  lovely world spalmabile, fun is bound to follow.  My favorite example is ciauscolo, a soft, spreadable salami I was surprised with a few years ago.  In theory, spreadable salami sounds gross but in practice it is fun. Anything spreadable is good.

2.  Le Confezioni (packets):  Nutella does not just come in a little jar, or that lovely big jar.  It comes in packets with mini plastic knives or little bread sticks, dollhouse-sized mini-packets of three, and collectible Nutella cups with cartoons on them.  Mini-e went crazy when she received Nutella tris for Halloween.  I kind of dig Nutella & Go, it's cute and portable.

3.  Nutellaville:  For those of you nutty about Nutella (yes, I did make a hazelnut pun), there is Nutellaville, Ferrero' website devoted to the world of Nutella, which consists of the history, the myth, the products, the merchandise and the blog.    And yes, Nutella (though not Ferrero) even has a twitter account with gobs of Nutella chat from around the world.

It is true. I am beginning to like Nutella.