Artsy Evening

As I often via for canditature in the Best Mom (and otherwise) Ever Club, I took mini-e out for a night on the town Notte dei Musei, where we immersed ourselves in arte povera and bauhaus at the MAXXI.  Despite the 2 am NdM extended hours, I kept us to a cool curfew of midnight. Yeah, it's true: dragging a child  around a contemporary art museum late into the evening could be perceived as slightly self-indulgent parenting, but mini-e is that kind of kid.  She likes staying out way past her bedtime and she likes art.

Though I was all about Pistoletto,  mini-e just wanted to see the sala spaccata (split room) by  Giuseppe Penone's Scultura di Linfa-  a room covered in undulating leather and marble, with a split resin-filled wooden plank.  [Check out the cool red pants in the photo.  Note: every NdM produces great red pants footage.] I dragged her for a bit of Bauhaus to the Rietveld exhibition and then to the lab.

MAXXI's newest laboratorio rocks big time.  For the  ninety minute program, we toured the Rietveld exhibiton with several other children and guide and then. . . .drumroll. . . . we made our own mini Rietveld chairs in that little temporary side house next to the museum.  I must brag here: everyone in the museum wanted one when we were walking around.

Want the chair?  Grab a child between 4 and 12 years, and reserve your Saturday afternoon at the MAXXI, via Guido Reni 4, third to last stop off the Tram 2, direction Mancini.

PostScript:  Giovi has just stressed the importance of informing all of you that adults can make their own chairs sans enfants by signing up for the Adult programs.  Also, the MAXXI will be celebrating its 1st anniversary on Saturday, May 28 by offering visitors free education programs, labs and tours.  Reservations must be made in advance.