Fine Lines

I love the fine lines between art and fashion, and more importantly how they blur.  Example:   MiuMiu's via del Babuino window: the right mix of Wizard of Oz's sparkle and Marcel Duchamp's Ètant Donnès.   Deliberate reference? I don't know, and nor do I really care, it's simply the blurring -- fashion dressed as art?  art dressed as fashion??-- that matters to me. Last night, Rome  celebrated  Vogue Fashion Night Out, an evening of late night shopping, champagning and styling.   Yes, I drank champagne and other lovely cocktails (thank you, Valentino), and yes, I went into every shop to gaze at beautiful clothing and beautiful people [note: I love MiuMiu saleswoman styled as school marm] but what I truly enjoyed was the performance on the streets: running into pre-guillotine party-hopping Marie Antoinettes, chatting with actual Red Cross nurses in vintage uniforms, bumping into Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani, nearly knocking over a Molaro sculpture and eyeing Maurizio Savini's bubblegum made Birkin-- a sticky sweet salute to Bahamian artist Janine Antoni?

PS:  Dasha Khukova's Garage Magazine is about to be in my hands any day.  Could be another cataclysmic love child of Fashion and Art, or simply really pretty.   Be on the look out.