Red Pants


For some, it is crocuses, azaleas or allergies (East Coast and Rome), for others, it is the final fade-out of Aspen raccoon eyes (Los Angeles), for me, the arrival of Spring in Rome is announced by men who wear red pants.  And I have taken it upon myself  to be a red panthropologist, documenting and cataloguing this colorful parade coursing its way through Rome, Italy and Europe.  To you, my fashion forward friends, I encourage you to join my quest and share in my celebration of Spring, Summer and all pants colorful and fitted.

For never-ending, constantly regenerating galleries of #redpants, here is the source:

My Red Pants Parade

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Please email erica[at] or tweet @moscerina with photos of your favorite pants.

Color palette includes (but is not exclusive to): Red, Pinkish Salmon, Mustard, Yellow, Lilac

And yes, I am trying to start a #redpants movement.