She'll Unease You: Fendi Esperiments 2011

Everyone knows that what I most look forward to in April, next  to 40 days of Easter shrining, are the Fendi Esperimenti - annual avant garde performance art from the Alda Fendi Foundation (yes, one of THE Fendi sisters), held  at the usual Antico Mercato del Pesce degli Ebrei.  The Fendi Esperimenti is a 30 minute visual-musical-mental performance/overload.  They are not for those looking to a beautiful painting nor for those who enjoy making fun of conceptual art simply because they don't "get" it.  They are for people who love performance, who enjoy imagery, music and surprise and for those who love evolution. Don't get what I mean? Well, art is seemingly easy.  Anyone can fall in love with a painting because it is right there in front of them- tangible, touchable, smellable.   For many who come to Rome, they fall in love with Bernini's fountains, Raphael's frescoes and even Carvaggio's oils.  [I'm a little outside the Italian box- Miraflores triptych, Rogier van der Weyden, 1440.]  Falling in love-- better yet, in like-- with modern and contemporary art, in particular performance and conceptual, is a risk and the biblical leap of faith  into an intangible and unforeseeable future.  You might like it but you might be broken hearteded and angry in the end.  Still don't get it? It's the je ne sais quoi feeling that drives you mad for someone or something, like Tyrkisk Peber (Turkish Peper), Scandavian hard black licorice coated in salt-- unappetizing and unfriendly but you can't stop putting them in your mouth.

Last nigh, the Esperimenti began and I was yet again very happy with the production.  Especially the unexpected performance (how I missed this on the invite, I know not!) by Kim Carnes.  A live performance of Betty Davis Eyes- unleashed  Sfiorerai il mio destino come una farfalla, Raffaele Curi's curation.  The sperimenti run through Tuesday evening, a kind of grand finale for Lent.   Reservations are required.

Note:  I just wrote to A, my date for the evening, that the Esperimenti (and subsequent post party) have inspired me:

  1. clean out my closet
  2.  get new clothes-- not a lot but key pieces
  3. most likely buy Ines de la fressange book in order to do #3
  4. cut bangs
  5. download music-  Fendi Esperimenti have the best eclectic soundtracks in contemporary art



April 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19