The Bad News Bears

Je sais, je sais, je connais le chanson.  And right now that song is the Overture from Carmen (George Bizet), popculturally recognized as the anthem for The Bad News Bears (1976, Matthau/O'Neil, of course). Here's the deal:  I'm switching hitting and it's not going well.   Instead of writing, I've been drawing illustrations for a book project and next week, these aforementioned maledetti illustrations are due.  I should be popping the champagne, jumping on tables because I'm with Faber-Castell and Caran D'Ache *pencil pushers extraodinaires* all day instead of a keyboard, but all I keep thinking about is that infamous Bad News Bears montage where the boys are striking out, bumping into each and generally loosing on the baseball diamond in hazy So Cal.  I'm biting my nails and am not-so-secretly tempted to grab a pack of cigarettes (puh-lease, that is so last century) and sulk.  I know, I know.  I need to channel my inner Amanda Whurlizter, put some vaseline on the fingers and whirl that pencil.

Post Script No.1: You may wonder where one would find such a kick-ass pencil set as mine in Rome.  Poggi: my mom and my favorite art store in the world.  Yes, I do love it just a little more than Sennelier, Paris, even though it has compressed itself into a singular location in the Centro.  Looking for something artsy to do? Poggi has a delicious selection of tiny watercolor field kits for big hands and little.

Poggi, corner of via del Gesù and via Piè di Marmo, behind the Pantheon. Mondays through Saturdays.

Post Script No.2: I googled Kelly, the ballpark's bad boy-wonder and potential source of motivation.  He is still acting. Defining role of 2010? Freddie Kreuger in Nightmare on Elm Street.  Interesting.