Writers and Books

For the past few months, I have been begging friends to suggest some books and author, new and old.  I need a good fix and I'll even take it digitally.  This morning, as if a sign from the heavens, a lovely little google reminder popped up on my phone, letting me know that Festa del Libro e della Lettura starts tomorrow.   To be honest,  I had no clue what festa it is-- books, writers, publishers? And with good reason. Over the years, I've noticed Rome (and Italy) has a lot of book celebrations which usually kick off the spring and kick me out of my house. Festa del Libro e della Lettura (April 1 to 10): a ten-day bookworm where writers like Nicole Krauss, Umberto Eco and Elmore Leonard will be speaking about books, writing and all those good things.

Books on Benches:  I have idea if I am making this up or if it only happpened once.  And I will blame it on my cousin Giovi who once told me about a day when books are left on benches in Villa Borghese, and anyone can pick them up and read them, provided that s/he leaves a book in return.  Is it Giornata del Libro, April 23, the international world book day?

Roma Si Libra (May 22-30), an annual book fair held in Villa Borghese where publishers set up booths.

Tribù dei Lettori (beginning of June) Did you see the gorgeous teepees decorating Rome's piazzas last spring?  It was a fabulous four or five day book event primarily for young readers, which may or may not be happening this year.

and my favorite....

Festa delle Letterature (May 19 - June 23) again, a nearly month-long writers' celeberation that  conveniently coincides with my birthday every year, giving me the perfect gift of a reading at Basilica di Massenzio (Roman Forum, how cool!).  This year, I will bask in the words of Gary Shteyngart on the eve of my birthday.  But you may prefer to catch a bit of sarcasm from David Sedaris (May 26).  Yep, he's coming.