Ain't Nothing but Houndstooth...

November 2011:  Email from my friend B who was brainstorming ideas for her new line of letterpress cards, aka DoubleBravo:

this is the start of my houndstooth (obsession). . .

December 2011:  Carsten Höller’s Double Carousel with Zöllner Stripes opens at Rome's Macro.  Yep, those dizzying zöllner stripes are simplified houndstooth.

January 2012: Street Style, my New York Times's Monday fix, was a study in houndstooth.  And though this fabulous shot (thanks, Shannon- this woman epitomizes houndstooth bad ass) did not make the cut, I was all over January 30.

I don't know if B is a design Delphic oracle, a visual empath who sees trends/style before they happen, or just has an old (British) school penchant for pattern, but her hankering for houndstooth was dead on.  And she's finally pressed it.*

*DoubleBravo is all about letterpress. Her designs are beautiful. Her cards are keepsakes.  As I always say, Want to Impress? Letterpess.