Forza Azzurri, Euro 2012

If you know me, you know I love a bella partita, a lovely game of football-calcio-soccer, with extraordinarily skilled players, excellent hairstyles and extremely fit men. Though I was not satisfied with Italy's victory over England last night, a 0-0 game only to be won in kicks, I did have a great time watching the hairstyles. Balotelli's yellow mohawk, Pirlo's sweeping bob and di Rossi's beard, all perfect for the game they place- in other words, attack and back to business, boys. And of course, I totally approve of Montolivo's Botticelli-meets-Totti circa 2000, even if he missed his kick. Apparently, Terracina approves too.


*please note that Azzurri 2006 are still #1 in my heart.