L'Altra Ego

The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled~ John Berger

It's all about ways of seeing.  Not a day goes by when I don't tap into my overstuffed bag of alter egos.  Rehab rockstar, benevolent despot, shoulder-pad-wearing-big-haired tough cookie mom and Hoagie-lovin' girl from Philly have been constant companions in my daily routine to help me understand my writing and get me out of the confinements of my own personality.  It's like my mother's trick of looking at her paintings upside in the reflection of  a mirror-  in order to see better, you have to change your perspective or better yet, get out of your own head.

It seemed fitting that since I have been in a slump (maybe it is just my posture?) that I would head over to MACRO (Museo di Arte Contemporanea Roma) for a walk through its latest exhibition,  L'Altra Ego.  Photographer Marco Delogu* collaborated with artist Giosetta Fioroni to celebrate her more than seventy years as an artist, and upcoming 80th birthday, with a series of playful portraits where Fioroni is coated in make up, masks and costume.  The images are beautiful, shocking, ugly and fantastic- seemingly speaking to every one of my alter egos with questions like how pretty is ugly?  How comforting is stark? And what are you trying to find?

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*Serendipity: I randomly walked into another tiny Delogu show a few weeks ago - La Natura della Notte, very painterly photographs of nighttime landscape. Galleria Il Segno (Barberini). Ends before November 29.