New York State of Mind

It's been a long time since I have been to New York and I miss it ~ and with Sandy slapping around the East Coast, my heart is particularly heavy.  For those in a New York state of mind, I usually get my daily fix from the delicious photos of Sam Horine, or I take the easy way out and ask The Professor to snap some favourite Italy-meets-The Big Apple shots, i.e, Rockefeller Center, whose Palazzo d'Italia is decorated in relief  by artists Attilio Piccirilli, Leo Lentelli and Giacomo Manzù.   Rockefeller Center has a bitter sweet story where new frontiers where supposed to be realized in an amazing painting by Diego Rivera that was papered over shortly into the project, and the entire complex was art deco glory. Several of the tangently themed reliefs still remain and I am enamored with their for-the-people style and epic names like "Youth Leading Industry", "Commerce and Industry with a Caduceus", and "The Joy of Life".  For other art geeks, look for the Gaston Lachaise relief, as well.

Yes, these recent days have been bitter sweet but my friend B reminds me that there is good to be done.

Where to Donate [from CBS Local, New York]

[Photos by Darius Arya on a cloudy day and from the hip]