Roma Contemporary

I love it when Rome starts to get hot and busy.  Yesterday was the press conference for Roma Contemporary, an art fair where galleries take over the former stalls at MACRO Pelanda(i.e. Testaccio) for the weekend.  To be honest, I really don't like art fairs because its neither about the art work nor the curation, but about the galleries.  Usually, the gallery list includes a who's who in the art world and what is on show tends to be less thoughtful than had you walked into the gallery proper.  This year, Roma Contemporary has approximaely 75 galleries from Italy and elsewhere- plus cultural institutions, publishing houses and collateral event.  Despite my disdain for fairs, I like any reason to accumulate a mass audience in the name of contemporary art. And I like an excuse to see my cousin Giovanna.

Giovanna and her very brainy art history friends founded the cultural associations WorkinProject, WiP-- an organization all about art education for adults and children through interactive art play.  Roma Contemporary asked them host a stand at the fair and theirs may be my favorite.  It's colorful and kids can make it even more so.  WiP will be having events today, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday so there is no excuse to not expose your kids (or yourself) to contemporary art.  However, if you need an excuse for yourself, there is a champagne bar.

The art fair lasts through Sunday, with a 15 euro entry fee.