Veni, Vidi, Bici Chic

Bicycle chic. It's every where and not just Copenhagen. Last month's  International Furniture Fair in Milan debuted new bicycles, and also Fix Your Bike , a kind of Pimp My Ride for pedalers. Horst A. Friederich's book Cycle Styleis all personal style while biking.  Locally, Dolce & Gabbana and Davide Cenci feature bicycles as window display protagonists.  And it should be expected that Italy, producer of amazing cycles and fashion, would have some of the most stylish cycles and cyclists.

Good looking bikes and looking good while biking is nothing new.  But lately, all this bike chic seems to coincide with this past weekend's Cycling Safe campaign in Rome, London and Edinburgh.  At this point, pro-bicycling doesn't mean the Tour de France.  It means a conscious program of making an urban environment safe for cyclists. Over the weekend, Rome was overflowing with bikers celebrating bicycle safety and the need for better legislation and conditions, not just in Rome but throughout the country.

Like most of you, I threw off the training wheels decades ago and have constantly reinvented my bicycling personality to suit my needs:  super-cool banana seat rider, wanna-be-bike-courier, sporty girlfriend bumbling mountain biker, Santa Monica weekend-beach-warrior, I-just-left-Los-Angeles enviro-biker, fashion-first cyclist and most recently don't-f*ck-with-me mamma biker with mini-me in the back.  No matter what the personality, it's all about being able to ride safely.

You don't get it?  Do me a favor and rent a bike for the weekend.  In Rome, head to Collalti and gear up your bike personality.  Then get back to me about bike lanes, bike laws and bike safety.

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