Secrets Uncovered and other writing

It is always a pleasure to wake up on a Friday morning to freshly squeezed orange juice, a frothy cappuccino and my writing in print. Today was a double dose of, well, moi.  Earlier in the year,  Discovery Magazine (Cathay Pacific's newly made over magazine) asked me to contribute a piece about underground Rome.  Easy since the Professor spends more time subterraneous than above ground, right?  Since Underground Rome is one of our favorite dates-- and I don't just mean historically-- it was a pleasure to walk through the sites and write about them.  Please enjoy my article Secrets Uncovered-- and thank you, Darius Arya, Paul Bennett of Context Travel, Adriano Morabito of Roma Sotterranea and Agnes Crawford of Understanding Rome for liking all of this as much as I do, and even more.

Wait, before you go, I did mention there were two articles.  #2 is my review of Byblos Art Hotel, Verona, for Oryx Magazine. I  consider Byblos Art Hotel the physical embodiment of my heart's desires-  beautiful contemporary art gallery in a 16th century palazzo.  In pdf/print ready version at Agency Fish/Oryx Magazine website (page 28).