In the Mind of Music: #MusicStreets and Unicredit

January 2014:

I was invited to Cesena, Italy to spend the afternoon with Stefano Nanni, a living, breathing, Italian composer Stefano who is putting together (oh how, I easily get into composer slang!) the musical arrangement for the clever MusicStreets project.  In a nutshell, MusicStreets is a collaboration between Milan's Filarmonica della Scala and Unicredit, bringing together five Filarmonica musicians with five international street roaming buskers for an open-air concert in Milan on February 11.  The idea behind the project was to get to know the artists by pairing them with photographers, writers and bloggers and get these creative types to put words and images to the music and the music making.

Through  Instagram,YouTube, Twitter,Google+ , a gang of blogs and so many other digital highways, we've documented, tagged and trended these artists in the hopes that you would come along for the ride.  Unlike some of the other s, my journey was less about letting the music out and more about getting into the head of Stefano, whose seemingly Bach sensibility is piqued with a very subtle David Lee Roth vibe.   Stefano, like all composers, is the human embodiment of "archive" - he stores, collects, and catalogs any emotion, experience, sound and image that ever crosses his paths, whose evolution is translate this accumulation into sounds that transcend out of our seats and into his mind.  Stefano's workspace is 1970s suburban den, mad scientist's laboratory, man cave and hideout.  And just like anyone's studio, it is filled with computer gear, mixed tapes, books, magazines, records and all kinds of fun, plus a musical instrument representing every section of band, orchestra, et al. Basically, it is a ongoing happening and a crazy experiment where the music literally happens, and in my case on a chilly January afternoon, where he composes the upcoming arrangement for MusicStreets.  The following is just a quick glimpse into his world which includes a stint in a hair band, some oversight by a Cylon Centurion, inspiration by Bach and Park, and just a few hundred mixed tapes, musical scores and vintage records.  Composer clutter is almost just like yours and mine.

The MusicStreets was live at 6pm, on February 11, 2014 in Piazza Gai Aulenti, Milan.