Instagram snapshots: Italy

Rome is my city and I always find there is something to waiting for me, if I just have a little patience.  Priests gesticulating at Caffe Sant'Eustachio, a pretty bell tower in Palazzo Taverna, the Corsa dei Santi passing my house and heading to St. Peter's square.   Atmosphere is always important-- late evening with the Lacoon is the best time for the Vatican museums, a medieval courtyard with contemporary art, and an ersatz fashion with dresses by Antonio Riva.  A big dish of tajarin (taglierini) al tartufo from the lovely ladies of Ca' del Lupo,  hanging out in Barolo and stumbling across the Capella del Barolo, a beautiful chapel painted in 1997 by Sol LeWitt (exterior) and David Tremlett (interior), for the Ceretto family.