Roadtesting Lavazza's Espressgo

In December, I was invited by  Lavazza to join 9 other social media chiacchieroni in Milan and Rome to spend a personalized day with Espressgo, Lavazza's very clever portable espresso-maker. I needed to catch up on some street art, so I chose to head to Rome's Quadraro neighborhood first thing in the morning.  And of course, I needed a caffe...

The Concept:  Espressgo is a magic thermos that allows you make a shot or two A modo mioespresso flavors in a matter of minutes, and all while in the comfort of your car.   It is the very definition of Italianismo-- from concept (efficient espresso shot) to design (sexy, slick, high tech) to philosophy (everybody needs espresso on the go) to communication (it inspires conversation).

The Basics:  The Espressgo has an "on" button, temperature dial and 12-volt plug.  You will need a 12-volt/cigarette lighter outlet is required, a bottle of cold water and espresso cups.  Likewise, sugar and milk should that be your flavor.

The Process:  Unscrew lid (which will act as filter), add 50ml of cold water, put in the capsule, screw on lid, plug it to outlet and press on. Brewing takes approximately 1 minute with a nice vibration, after which you just need to wait approximately 30 seconds for three "beeps" which alert you that the espresso is ready.  Then you just unplug, flip thermos over and pour into a cute cup.

My reaction ~ a three-part revelation:

    • Espressgo is my mother's dream come true.  When my family went on road trips, my mom would make bottles of espresso and bring them with us because it would be hours before we could put our moka on a stovetop.  These bottles were sacrosanct and could be not broken, misplaced or emptied.
    • It is cute, adorable and very easy to use. I had no problem making the shots and I loved it. Its design is perfect for a driving picnic, and super cute.  My only wish that it came with a portable foaming device because I am milk-addicted.
    • It is the perfect wing man.  Imagine yourself at a stop light.  With espresso ready to go,  you timidly offer a shot of espresso to the cutie to your left. . .  oh, the things I could do.....