48 hours in Venice for #myhiltonstory

Ain't nothing like a rooftop, and better yet if it comes with a beautiful pool, a clever cocktail and a full frontal panorama of Venice.  This is just one of the things I do when given 48 hours of free reign on La Serenissima.  From art openings and the Accademia to a glass of Vermentino and the Venice Film Festival, I lived it up so that I could share with you my two days as a HHonors guest at the Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice's historic mill and pasta factory on the Giudecca.

For the curious, #myhiltonstory is a dynamic social media project where I get to tell my tale of two days in Venice using my favorite platforms ~ Instagram,Steller, and Twitter. I like to think of it as free-form Faulknerian storytelling for the digital age- a little bit of wit, well-thought photos and those 24/7 apps, and that was all I needed to say yes to this project. Nope, not a hotel review, simply a story...

For the curiouser, the rumor mill says that the Molino Stucky (stoo-kee), has the very best pool in Venice.  They are right.  It is.

    *Postscript: I am writing this post on my iPad whilst on the train (and lucky me, Trenitalia switched up trains, so my secong class seat was moved tiny Carozza 3 First Class, Frecciargento). There is something about technology and railway transport that turns me on.  And yes, my Moleskin and pencil are right next to me and in good use.