CNN Instagram Challenge #CNNMURALSTORIES

This article appeared in CNN in December 2013.


Photographers shared their favorite murals and the stories behind them in CNN's first Instagram challenge.


  • Photographers share stories of their favorite murals for CNN's first Instagram challenge
  • Murals pay tribute to political leaders, social justice movements, coffee shops
  • Mural in Toledo, Ohio, of boy laughing "stands for hope and change," Instagrammer says

This is the first in a series of community assignments for CNN and CNN iReport through the Instagram platform. For each challenge, we'll ask our Instagram followers to take a picture and and tell a story about it. Follow CNN and CNN iReport on Instagram for the next challenge, and your image might be included in our next feature.

(CNN) -- We often walk past them without a second thought, but most murals tell a story about the communities in which they live. And yet, as features of our public spaces, they mean something different to each of us when we view them through our own individual filters.

For our first CNN Instagram community assignment we invited followers to photograph murals or street art in their communities and tell us about them. We were thrilled to see more than 300 submissions from all over the world and hear the many stories behind them.

Below are just a few highlights. Check out all of the submissions by searching the #CNNMuralStories tag in Instagram.


Erica Firpo: Rome, Italy

Erica Firpo captured the latest mural by renowned Italian street artists Sten and Lex, whose stencil art has appeared in cities worldwide. This mural on the side of a building in Rome's Garbatella neighborhood was completed in December. "This abstract landscape (a deviation from their usual pointillist portrait) was entirely locally crowd-funded and chosen by the neighborhood to be a permanent public work, blurring the lines between street and fine art," Firpo noted.

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