Lunch with an Ex

"In rapture" sings Blondie.

Yes, two women en rapture, caught up in a stimulating conversation with a potential ex-boyfriend of one of the two ladies who love lunching. This is also how I looked earlier today while having lunch with A over una scarsa di carbonara.

The conversation began with the usual Che Fai-ing that in a weird way I actually missed, after not hearing it 10 times a day since September. The double Che Fai (with my clever retaliation of "che fai two?"), was followed with A's extraordinary declaration:

"Devi andare via di casa per due giorni."

You have to leave your house for two days.


"Si. Dammi la casa tua."

Yes, give me your house.

"Come mai?"

What the fuck?

"Dai, dammi le chiavi. Vengono due amiche mie domani per due giorni. Vai dal Professore."

Come on, give me the keys. Two chicks are coming, so get thee to the Professor's house.

"Stai scherzando?"

You're kidding, idiot. I've never given you the keys before, what would make me give you keys now for two ho's. (I apologize for the use of this term, but that is the true definition of what I said.)

"Dai, dammele....vabbe'...

ma dimmi un po', il professore e' geloso che stai a pranzo con me? Certo. E' geloso, come no..."

Give them to me. Fine. But wait a sec, is the Professor jealous that you are here with me? Of course he is.

Lunching with ex-boyfriends is always treat. They either make you feel great by telling you how wonderful you are or they make you feel great when they simply open to their mouths to say the most unbelievable comments. A told me earnestly that I should not wear my glasses because I look brutta with them on. Had I been dating him still, I may have committed to having lasik or else thrown a fit. Instead, I find his words fitting from the mouth of constant Che Fai's. Ex-boyfriends don't understand that your present boyfriend (hopefully) is not jealous-- the crux to why you are with Him, not ex-him. To use an expression from a friend once remarked to a former girlfriend, "But darling, you've been tasted. I've already had my fill."

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