We're only #HumansofTechnology

Every want to be in a national ad campaign?  I never thought about it until an early September 2016 call asking me to share my passion for digital technology as an ambassador for Italian brand Unieuro and its project #HumansofTechnology.  Unieuro wanted me as the face of travel journalism and digital media, a kind of digital multi-tasker of the travel kind, along with fabulous digital innovators including BASE jumper Roberta Mancino, DJ Ema Stokholma, food blogger Lisa Casali, band and the Voice judges Elio e Le Storie Tese, e Youtuber and gamer mistress La SabriGamer. Did I jump at the chance? Well, let's just say I tiptoed and grabbed the flipside of my culture coin, Darius, whose creative mix of archaeology, cultural heritage and digital media has made the classics contemporary.

Check us as in the 2016-2017Humans of Technology campaign

 Milan with photographer phenom  Nima Benati .

 Milan with photographer phenom Nima Benati.