Asaf Avidan, One Day in Rome


Last week, I had  my mind blown and my heart wrenched out.  The Professor and I spent an evening with Asaf Avidan at Rome's Parco della Music.  You know, that crooner, poet, amazing set of lungs and musician whose name might not be on the tip of your tongue, but you know his song "One Day/Reckoning". And when I say we spent the evening with him, well, we sat on the edge of our seats as he belted out stories of love and heart break, and then met him for a glass of whiskey post-concert.

Why whiskey and why us? Asaf likes the spirits and we were invited as part of Mastercard's Priceless Cities program. Earlier this year, we had the Paolina Chapel at Castel Sant'Angelo practically all to ourselves, a musical experiene right up our proverbial alleys-- ancient history, beautiful Renaissance frescoes and live music, a close encounter of the Grande Bellezza kind. I'm looking forward to seeing what more of what Mastercard has in store for Rome- hopefully a mix of contemporary culture and the city's amazing eras of history.