Buongiorno, Principessa! Le Panier and breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bedAnd a kiss or threeYou don't have to say you love me- Dusty in Memphis, 1969

I love you, Breakfast.

Breakfast is my morning muse.   Depending on what (and sometimes how) I eat, my day will be completely inspired by what is on my plate and subsequently in my stomach.  Life after breakfast is beautiful, especially when that includes oatmeal, eggs and fresh fruit. If left to the dynamic duo of cappuccino and cornetto, I'm apt to plunge into a sugar low of nefarious depths and become meaner than mean, so mean I don’t even know my own name.  .  . or something like that I said to the super athletes in my functional  work out class.

We had just finished a reign of burpee terror.  I was sprawled out on the floor with that bad mix of exhaustion and hunger. On one side of me was Aldo, a lawyer slash boxer slash know-it-all who was listing everything he binge ate an hour earlier to keep the scale tipped to the heavy end of Lightweight.  “Due tramezzini, cicoria ripassata, un frullato, un protein bar, un cappuccino col latte intero .. .”

On the other side of me was the new girl.  "My boyfriend makes an incredible and healthy breakfast", she effortlessly said in between push ups.  I was not impressed and tried to focus on limb coordination.  Aldo continued his food roll-out with Romanesco charm. "Un cornetto semplice e una banana.  Tutto ciòe così. Ma vorr dirmi che non mangio healthy?!"

Everyone nodded yes.

"Pssst", she called between sit ups. "Sul serio, my boyfriend makes a great gourmet breakfast."  I tried to high five her but my arms wouldn't budge, so I just smiled and groaned, "Anche' io, me too."

She looked me in the eye and deadpanned, "He's a professional chef." And that is how I was met Giovanna de Giglio, Tommaso de Sanctis and their baby Le Panier,  Rome's very first gourmet breakfast delivery service.

My philosophy is that if breakfast in bed is just standard pampering , then gourmet breakfast delivery better be Kardashian-meets-Bottura.  In other words- indulgent, craft and quality.  I mean it's just breakfast, right?

To paraphrase an old friend, you can't fake skills.  And Tommaso doesn't.  His background is Michelin, training in the kitchens of great chefs including Gianfranco Vissani and HeinzBeck.    He knows cooking timing, and makes that top priority in a business where delivery must be precise - both for delivery and temperature.   Our orders were delivered within five minutes of chosen time - the order itself was planned a day prior, though according to the website I could have ordered up until 4am of delivery date.  Both Tommaso and Giovanna grew up in Rome so their outlook is entirely, well, Roman, and so are their choices.   Bread is Roscioli, croissants are Cristalli di Zucchero, jams and yogurts are made by a local artisan, and shakes are homemade with fruit and veggies lovingly handpicked by Claudio at the Campo de' Fiori market.  I loved the Made-in-Rome vibe, as well as their choice to use primarily paper products

What did we eat?The Hangover with Pancos- savory tacos/pancakes hybrid with scrambled egg and smoked speck,  Dosha - avocado toast with pink pepper and lime, and American Style, thin Millefoglia pancakes with egg.  Each menu had fresh fruit, fresh shake and tea.

What did we think?  We loved it-  and in fact, we are still talking about those incredible pancos with that subtle touch of smoked speck.  Le Panier were prompt (Tommaso delivered himself, running up all four levels of our staircase), our menus arrived properly heated, and every dish was delicious.   The website is easy to navigate and order, and prices fit perfectly with the top quality product, service and delivery.  It won't be a choice for every weekend, but I think it is a great option if you are renting an apartment in Rome for a spell and need an incredible, local breakfast.

Would we do it again? We already have- but this last time, we went healthy and had a small repast of Quinoa salad with chick peas, avocado,lime and cherry tomatoes, porridge with banana ,berries and cinnamon, papaya, blackberries and pistacchios yogurt, a few juices and of course, Tommaso's incredible avocado toast.

Yep, I've headed back to the gym. Gotta keep up that appetite, as Aldo says.