Think Pink

About two minutes ago, I posted a piece on NileGuide about the tag team effort of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Italy's train incentive, Promo Rosa.  (Hint: read it if you want to help the page's stats)  In a nutshell, female train riders can potentially travel for free for the entire month of October-- provided that they buy their tickets in advance at an authorized Trenitalia agent and travel with a companion.

Though this may get the proverbial panties in a bunch, think of it as the Italian version of "Buy One Get One Free" since the incentive encourages traveling with friends whose fares are discounted just because they are with you, female goddess.   Like a good bra,  Promo Rosa offers great secondary support-- during weekdays, physicians will be in carriage to discuss health concerns and museums in Napoli, Firenze, Roma and Milano will offer free entrance to FrecciaRosa ticket holders.  Finally, what I'm looking forward to seeing are the pink trains criss-crossing the country in awareness of the fight against breast cancer.

Pink (fuschia, gumball, shocking, magenta) is my mother's favorite color and the official color for the fight for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Two days ago,  Estee Lauder and its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign created a new Guinness World Record (n.b. I used to be obsessed with GBoWR) for "most landmarks illuminated in a 24 hour period"- color choice: pink, of course.  Around the world, pink glowed prolifically.  Here are some of my favorite shots, thank you, Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon.

And since I'm always a sucker for bombastic public expression, I have to include Christo's 1983 Surrounded Islands, a beautiful installation piece in Key Biscayne, Florida-- progenitor and inspiration for this world record?

**technical difficulties with Christo upload. ugh.