Fotografia Moderna and Me

I hardly ever get to be in front of the questions, but this time, I am flattered to be the subject of Fotografia Moderna's Interviste series, in Italian.  For a quick read, I thought I would translate it for you to English:

  • How did you begin?  Good question. I started as a journalist in high school, writing as a beat reporter (sports) for a regional newspaper, and from that moment I didn't stop, writing art, travel and lifestyle for newspapers and magazines.  In 2006 with Twitter and 2011 with Instagram, I quickly realized taht social would be the next step for journalists and that I could "speak" without with limits, writing an article, a tweet or sharing an image, I had many possibilities.
  • Are you a  #travelblogger disguised as a journalist or a journalist disguised as a #travelblogger?  What is your goal when you publish a photo?  I am journalist with a blog and strong respect for bloggers.  A photo should make me smile. If that happens, I publish it.
  • Your point of view on museums?  Ever since I was little, museums have been my playground, refuge, sanctuary and dream. I could walk across centuries and worlds in a few minutes.  I would love for everyone to have even just a second of that sensation and because of that my collaborations with museums are very important.  If my [#empty] photo is a success, I am happy for the museum.
  • Photography and social media? Social media has broken barriers- to be precise, social gives opportunities to everyone, especially those who would have never thought they could even be creative.
  • Your Best Photo?  It is impossible for me to pick a single photo, I love them all and for different reasons.   With Instagram, I never think "I am doing a great job", mainly because I don't consider it a job but a pleasure, a way to express myself.
  • You are one of the Top Influencers on Instagram for Italy, that is wonderful but at the same time dangerous?  I didn't expect it [Repubblica article] and I am very honored.  My objective is not to influence someone to buy something, I like to believe that I encourage people to have the desire to know more, travel more, share with them all the amazing culture that is around to uncover. And because of that mentality, I don't see anything dangerous.
  • How do you see your Future?  What do you have coming up? There is definitely going to be an evolution, I don't know exactly but I already feel I am changing.  Coming soon- I have a series of projects that combine journalism and social media, and this year, I'd like to do more  “behind the scenes”, i.e. consulting for editorial projects and campaigns.

Meditation in the palm of my hand

Photo by Cappiello via Instagram

The other day, my younger sister asked me about Instagram. More specifically, she asked me why I felt the urge to post photos (low res, unplanned and primarily for my pleasure only) that the Man-- at the time of said questioning-- may or may not feel like taking advantage of. I laughed and told her that much like our long ago afternoons of yoga and cigarettes, Instagram is my meditation so who cares.

"Meditation in the palm of my hands" may have been my exact phrase, stated slightly condescendingly as only an older sister can.  But it's true, hand-eye coordination has been the only way I've ever been able to slow down the mind and just relax.  This is just the first time I've done it with my phone.  Part visual game, part thrill seeking, I love losing myself in photos.  And when I'm in the deepest throws of insomnia, I've taken to traveling the world on a magic carpet of hashtags-- which answers another question I was also asked "will I write a follow up to Traveling via Instagram"?  Here's the six month skinny:

Instagram has so many great photographers and photographs on a variety of levels, themes and perspectives, that I am either recycling, reviewing or discovering.  I constantly change my mind on who I love, like and follow, like a 15 year old watching the varsity soccer team for the first time.  True, I'll always have a crush on the photos of @SamHorine and @Cucinadigitale, who bring New York and Rome to my phone on a silver platter, but there's always room for more.

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Users: cappiello,  shaynabatyatomwhite_, Gummytingallimcbutterlegojacker (and anyone else creating sets with Lego figurines), swerved, and unique_lapin. And oh yeah, my kid sister, Itinerantme, so I can keep tabs on her as she meanders around Southeast Asia.

PS. Instagram provides a lovely Suggested Users List with an ever updated rotation of  favorites.